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Our mission

We’re committed to creating lasting value – for our customers, shareholders, and partners. Our mission gives our business model a clear focus. We reconcile customer goals, plans, and needs with what the market has to offer. At the same time, our mission provides guidance and sets benchmarks for all our activities – from our products and services, to employee actions and company communications.

Our profile

VPE Bank stands for performance – in business and beyond. Working closely with competent partners, we follow clear guidelines and assess outcomes closely to create added value together. We constantly question conventional wisdom and develop bespoke new solutions for all our customers.

The executive board

Our board members: Wolfgang Huber CFO, are responsible for the management of the company. Their tasks include strategic control of all business processes, allocation of resources, accounting and financial reporting, risk management, and company supervision.

The supervisory board

Policy, legislation, and regulatory bodies set increasingly high standards for the supervisory board and its activities. Acting both in the interests of the company, its customers, and shareholders, the supervisory board must be independent and remain unaffected by conflicts of interest.

Corporate governance

VPE Bank upholds the statutory regulations of the German Corporate Governance Code, guaranteeing responsible leadership and supervision of the bank. Strong relationships with our customers and shareholders, close cooperation between the executive and the supervisory boards, as well as transparent accounting and timely reporting are key. The remuneration system for management and staff is based on the bank’s success.

Our trading policy, geared towards sustainable value creation, is rooted in and subject to the German Stock Corporation Act. As an international bank, we comply with (amongst other things) the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. capital market laws.

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